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Our Services

Villas in Hyderabad are luxury and beautiful. Our Pregnya Infra Projects services includes farm lands, open plots and independent villas. This is the best time for real estate investment. Give us a call or email us. We love to serve you better.

farm lands

Land admeasuring from 160 sq.yds to more acres, we give you the best price and the benefits of your investment are plethora. We reassure you that the land appreciation is 100% happening each year as Hyderabad city is developing and expanding like no other city in India.

Hyderabad is among the top cities in India for buying your dream home and for investment in farm lands. With expert agriculturists at SriPregnya Infra Projects, we cultivate crops. The yield is far above 100% as we use excellent ploughing and cultivation methods to grow organic crops. Further, we seek your recommendations and decisions from time to time to understand your requirements when you invest in farm lands.There are unlimited opportunities with farm lands. We also build resorts, cottage homes, vacation homes partly and a part of land while still assigning to crops and vegetation. Therefore, you enjoy the flexibility in your investment.

farm lands

Open plots

Searching for a plot for sale near me? If you ever plan to double and triple your investment in a short span of time, choose Pregnya open plots. We offer Directorate of Town and Country Planning (DTCP) approved open plots with undisputed and litigant-free open plots that come at a best price of your choice and you experience the benefits of land appreciation for every year as you keep the ownership. The documentation, registration and ownership titles are done absolutely in your name with free and fair practice.

Villlas In Hyderabad

Luxurious living is so close in proximity and happening in Hyderabad as you plan to give your family a dream home and living in gated community villas in Hyderabad is a great experience. From 3,000 sq.ft and above Pregnya luxury villas are super advanced in construction and deluxe in world class. We use technology and advanced architectural designs in our planning and we already have thousands of customers who are experiencing the best in their homes, gated community villas inĀ  hyderabad.